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Ave Satanas Ltd ® is the ultimate premier Satanic clothing brand representing the rebellious and individualistic values of LaVeyan Satanism. Central to this philosophy is the idea that as an individual you must enforce your own meaning on life and reject the pressure to conform to the masses. Our bold designs reflect our commitment to thinking differently, embracing freedom and creativity. Ave Satanas ®  is a genuine Satanic brand created by Satanists for Satanists, Rebels, Heretics, and those that dare to wear it.

‘Ave Satanas’ is Latin for ‘Hail Satan’ and is an expression commonly used by Satanists. Ave Satanas ® aligns itself with Satan ‘The Opposer’, a symbolic representation of an individual’s right to challenge, question and rebel against organizations that attempt to constrain us spiritually, intellectually and physically. This phrase is used to express a dedication to Satan, as an acknowledgement of the strength and power of us as individuals in making our own decisions and choosing our own (left hand) path.

The mission of Ave Satanas ® lies in the discovery of unique ideas and creative talent and to share our appreciation and interest in the occult, the radical, the cultured, and the lyrical. Ave Satanas ® attends many conventions and festivals around the UK and Europe.

Rege Satanas, Ave Satanas, Hail Satan!

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